New from MFB-501 pro

New from mfb



samples sound cheesy AF, but the analog voices sound really nice… wonder if they’re the same as the previous smaller version, or if there’s more/different sounds

yeah, but in a glorious way! I love it!

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Damn. I just made like 5 songs with the 301 pro and really love this thing (thru the Nord Modular)


The number of times I’ve had my mouse hovering over the ‘Buy’ button for the 301 Pro and talked myself out of it… but this…

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I love my MFB 522, not overly impressed with this one though.

If you’d like to post them I’d like to hear!

So, after my intitially excited reaction last night, I’ve rewatched the video and I’m maybe not quite so excited but I’m definitely curious. I’ve been watching some vids on youtube of the Kult and 501… unsure about the 501 as most vids seem to be recorded by a camera phone from a Nokia 3310. But a couple of the Kult sound nicely lo-fi… hoping that they’re sticking to 8/12/whatever the original bitrate was. I suppose I should go put the blurb from the website into GoogleTranslate…

There is an english page. And from what I understand you can upload your samples.
Very attractive.

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Haha, sorry, I do not intend to publish them. For now.
But I love to run it through heavy compression, with bit reduction before the compressor, so it’s pumping a lot of dirty noise between the hits. Yummy !

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Anybody know of a dealer to purchase new MFB products from in the US?


Living in the USA, I’ve always bought my MFB gear from Thomann in Germany and had it shipped. Worked… ok, MFB is notorious for cutting corners on their packaging.

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Hi all, anybody could share the latest firmware and the tool/driver to load the samples in the 501 Pro? Or could let me know where I can find it? The MFB website is down and seems it will never be up and running anymore. Thanks in advance.


I’d like those too!

Can you do that ??? I’m super interested as well
EDIT : my mistake, that’s the 301 that I own.

A collection of MFB documentation. No samples in here I don’t think, unfortunately. I also don’t think the 501 Pro is in here, but I ran across this the other day and it seems pretty useful now… MFB Files – Google Drive

Crazy that people are willing to pay $500 for the 501 or the Pro for that matter.

I have one , it sounds very nice, but the UI is horrible enough that I don’t use it much. Definitely better with an external sequencer imho.

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