New Improvised Techno Live Set with the Dark Trinity

Improvised techno live set, using the Dark Trinity (OT, A4, AR) as well as Volca Bass, TB-303, Juno 6, VT-3 and Bass Station 2.

For this one I recorded 1,5h live but then decided to cut it down to 1h. Therefore I had to DJ-mix my own “tracks” in Ableton a few times after recording, which was fun! Also added a few vocal elements afterwards, but apart from that there were no overdubs.

I’d be happy for any comments from you talented people in this community, be they positive or negative.

Great, as always.

Nice job. Could you explain a bit how you split sounds between devices and what did OT in this set?

This is effing tasty. I’d love to know more about your process as well.
Maybe by way of a specific question - how are you making the pads?

Impressive ! Really dig your sound :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you!
How do you mean “split sounds between devices”? Like how I’m mixing all the sounds?
The OT is doing two kinds of open hi-hat samples, the 909 ride-sample, the various cymbals in the background by manipulating cymbal/hat loops, playing the sample in the beginning which in then looping and manipulating with filtering, and some other stuff. I’m also using channel 8 as master, which allows me to use the fader as a DJ eq and filter.

Thanks so much!
By pads, do you mean the kind of ambient background I have sometimes? If so, I am doing those with the Analog Four mostly, by looping some atmospheric patches I’ve made myself and manipulating them in various ways, for example by messing with the two filters, sometimes driving the resonance into self-oscillation. I’m also doing it by looping some sample in the OT and, again, using the filter and reverb to achieve an atmospheric effect.
If that’s not what you meant, please tell me when it occurs in the set and I’ll explain that one in particular.


nice work mates proper techno journey :slight_smile:

Really groovin to this, got me dancing in the early morning, should have kept it 1.5 hours long! Are all those monster kicks Rytm with some samples layered?

Hey, VanillaSun. Thanks a lot for listening!

Yes exactly, the kicks are often a combination of Rytm analog synthesis with a some kind of sample mixed in. Often this sample is not a kick, but something else which is processed in some manner. Often the filter, amp and lfo pages are used as well. Usually I spend many hours on “kick crafting”, as I really want to do that stuff myself and not take someone else’s work.

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that’s what I call quality techno. nice. period