New machines

has that machine been on the AR OS already? :slight_smile:

Not in a released version, no.

yes, I know. maybe the manual images were made with photoshop, otherwise we’ll see a new BD soon I guess.

there are a few drum synthesis techniques, I’d love to see…

[li]more FM machines[/li]
[li]RingMod machines[/li]
[li]noise generators with separate resonance filters[/li]
[li]multiband bitcrusher[/li]
[li]more distortion types[/li]

Oops! :smiley:

From the Namm and Messe demos we know, that there will be more machines.

Also the software for the processors used in Elektron machines is developed on normal computers (probably with special developer kits). Basically that allows the developers to output the display of the machine directly to the screen of the PC. So making screenshots of the actual OS is trivial, no need for photoshop.

So what you seen in the manual is a real screenshot from an unreleased development version of the Rytm’s OS.

@Dataline: yes, oops… :wink:

Oops! :D[/quote]

The A4 poly update came out the night before I went on holiday last year. Spent the whole time sitting around wishing I was home.

I’m putting money on the same thing happening with new machines on the AR this year.

First world problems…

so when exactly do you go on your holidays…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@ void - that was funny!

And how about a high tom machine, with those ultra snappy hi toms you find in some modern music these days? Those toms are about twice the pitch of the current AR toms. And some basic machines like a noise/sine/basic fm would be really handy too. Just some ideas, i’m quite happy with it how it is right now

:smiley: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why wait - let’s chip in some money so we can send him on holiday right now :alien:

this just reminded me about how it’s rumored that clavia used the nord modular to prototype their other synths…! i can dream that elektron makes use of a similar tool that will be released as part of overbrige can’t i? :imp: :slight_smile: :dizzy_face:

tbh. i’m just curious how they go about this for the analog machines and i’d enjoy seeing a behind the scenes video.

That’s a fact about the NM, which gives me the (faint) hope that we might one day see a NM3. You know about the free Demo version that runs on your CPU right? It’s limited to one voice and missing a few of the fancier modules, but it’s still the awesome.

If anyone would like to hear the Ring Modulator Kick Machine, here you go:


great piece of software that is! but that was out what…10 years ago perhaps? haven’t used it much lately (running it on an old powerbook :expressionless: ) but i would like to see improvements in a new version…with nowadays processing power, it shouldn’t be that hard to get say a four voices :slight_smile: