New MIDI interface, new MIDI Clock Sync issue

Hey gang. I’ve recently made a few changes in my studio: giving Ableton a rest and updating my MIDI interface (iConnectivity mioXL) and going for a DAW-less setup. Sadly, after many years of sync happiness, the sequencers on the AR/A4 are not starting and stopping while everything else seems to be working.

Sync setup within the AR/A4 is the same: MIDI Config > Sync > Recieve Clock and Recieve Transport.

Here’s are the deets:

  1. MIDI Clock Master is an AKAI Force
  2. MIDI interface is the iConnectivity mioXL
  3. Other devices are receiving MIDI Clock (Prophet-6, OB-6 and Strymon Big Sky)
  4. There is a software app for the mioXL that can do filtering, routing, etc. called Auracle
  5. I just got off a remote support session with the good folks at iConnectivity who confirmed that it is set up properly.
  6. We noticed that within the Auracle software, the names of the AR/A4 are not showing up within the list of available MIDI devices (USB Host Reservation)
  7. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Use midi din, not usb

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried that together with the support rep from iConnectivity, but no luck.

OMG you guys… It was staring me right in the face this whole time!

I had recently flashed up the OS on the Elektrons. Previously, System > USB CONFIG was set to “USB MIDI” so I assumed that was still the case and hadn’t checked to see if that had changed. Somehow, during the upgrade process, they switched to “Overbridge” mode.

Obviously, this would mean trouble for USB communication with the mioXL. Silly of me to overlook this but hopefully, this helps someone else in the future.

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