New on the forum!

Hi y’all, totally new here, just wanted to say hi!
Im a experimental producer who does a lot of different music, sometimes on the edge of soundart.
But lately it has been mostly techno, focusing on the live aspects of electronic music, hello analog rytm!

I love elektron gear but i don’t own any (yet!)
saving up for a analog rytm atm, for live shows and producing.

Right now i’m just using my laptop ableton push, and a volca bass, a nice and cheap little setup with som “hands on” for creativity

Looking forward to acquiring som Elektron gear and being a part of this community!

Made a post in “our music” if anyone wanna listen to my stuff:

all the best!


WELKOM :slight_smile:
Hearing you ’ repetative ’ kind of music makes me think the Elektrons sequencers could maybe be a great addition in your work - procesS

welcome to the forum ! … enjoy the ride buddy