New option for battery powering Elektron boxes

Hello peeps, Gaz here just letting you know that MyVolts have come up with a gizmo that allows you to use two Ripcords together to generate enough juice to power any Elektron machine (plus most other mains adaptor stuff). I made a little video (link above) to demonstrate. This was in part due to my initial error in attempting to power an A4 mkI with a single 12v Ripcord. I did this live on. Sonicstate’s podcast a few months ago and it all appeared to work ok as I demonstrated on camera unfortunately I had no audio connected. I was horrified to discover later that due to there not being enough wattage the A4 (although all lit up and sequencer running) didn’t make any sound. Whoops!

So, MyVolts kindly remedied this with this new little adaptor. It’s not available to buy just yet but will be soon. Phew! My tattered reputation has been partially restored!


Great stuff! I’d been trying to remember what the Ripcord was called, to no avail, and then saw you talking about it on Sonic Talk. I might have to track one down… no way I’m taking my beloved Elektrons to the beach though, you’re a brave man!

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