New Owner

Hi All,

Just saying hello as the owner of a new Analog Keys, when it arrives that is, still in Oslo at the minute.

I’ve already got the MD, Mono and Octatrack but this is my first analog Elektron. Looking forward to diggin in and seeing what it can do, plus started getting horny for it after realising its potential for easy sequencing of my Eurorack.

So best tips for early sessions?

Hoping it will be with me by the end of the week.


Oh man you’re in for a treat! Especially as you own other Elektron boxes… OT master, MM/MD/AK slave… record a 64 step sequence on AK and start playing with Performance mode!

You can spend hours with just one loop :wink:

oh… and get a headstart by reading the manual x2…

Already given the manual the once over, some stuff I have sort of skipped as I am sure it will make more sense with it in front of me.

Loving the handling of the poly though, it seems smart and powerful.

yes the poly routing feature is very powerful… as are the sound locks! cool if you are using the AK solo and want to play around, but not really relevant considering you have and MD !!!

Read all posts on the forums AK - A4 - that’s what I did and it helped me fantastic. :imp:
Typ : Start a new project making your first patterns and save alot to new patterns - so you’ll have something to play with. Make a new KIT for every pattern. Later on you can use 1 KIt with several patterns as this can have som advantages ( for you to find out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).
Don’t forget to sleep :sleepy:
I forgot you already have some Elektron machines - you should know about projects etc…
wanna go deeper ? - fool around with the Ossilator sync- settings - the feedback-loop^in Oss 1 is incredible - the result dépends alot on settings ( Vol. - pitch ) on both OScilators.
The interaction of the filters is great. a sweet spot can be in very tiny settings.

Yes, as stated make a new kit for every pattern. Though you may be doing this already with your other boxes.

I dedicate a kit to every 4 patterns, as the 4 are rhythmic variations on the same kit for me.
I name the kits to correspond with the patterns Kit B9-B12, and so on.

Otherwise just buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Thx everyone. :slight_smile: Foaming at the mouth a bit at the minute, doesn’t help that the post tracking tool has now been unchanged for over 24 hrs!

Ah yes, this reminds me of my other tip…
I have UPS hold my packages at the customer center.

I can go in and set that up while it is in transit. This means I can pick it up on my way to work on the morning of the scheduled delivery, and not have to worry about being home to sign for it and/or miss the driver, and not have to wait until he shows up on the days he is running late.

If this is an option for you, I highly recommend it.

welcome to the forum!

lol, I been on the forum for ages! But hi, suppose I haven’t been in this part of the forum until now!

So got her yesterday and she rocks. :slight_smile:

Mainly been abusing my modular through the inputs and using the CV control, need to get some splitters to get at all four CV outs though.

Still what a lovely box both to play and look at.

Plenty of stuff, I’ve not worked out yet, like what is the Pool and why do I want one etc but made and edited some noises, patterns and just had a happy time having a keyboard again. Been managing without for a while using my Maschine drum pad but its not the same.

for the pool its great

you can use the pool to put different sounds in on a per step basis
try this:
first select some drum sounds put them in the pool
go into step mode hold a step turn the selection wheel
this opens the pool and you can select the sound you like to use on that step

reminder you can only select sounds on a per step basis that are in the pool

I use my Library for most leads and the pool for drum parts and such that easily fit on one track or more

hope this helps

That’s great cheers. Been back in the manual again today trying to cover some of the stuff i’d skipped.