New Rytm, blank screen. Help?

Elektronauts I need your help! I purchased a brand new Rytm and after firing it up a few times, I’m getting a lit, but blank screen. Holding the “Function” button + power isn’t allowing me to boot to different modes or perform a reset. Please please please tell me good news and that I’m missing something. Thank you for your help!

What does it say on your power adapter?


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Hey Ryan, it says PSU-3

That’s the right one … maybe there’s a problem with that, i’d contact support, but it’s puzzling that the box may have worked a few times before resorting to this state … had you attempted any OS updates or similar ? best to mention that to support in order to establish where the problem may lie

read this and these before you resort to the support ticket


thanks for the links man, I wasn’t attempting an OS upgrade, and sadly, can’t get it to do anything while holding function + power. It’s still unresponsive to buttons/trigs in this state. Is there anything else I can do (button/trig configuration) to get it to boot? test mode or reset? I’ve submitted a ticket to Support, hoping for the best. I’ll comb thru these links again to see if there’s anything that I’m missing. i’ve waited months for this piece, got it 2 days ago, hoping there’s a way to bring it back to life. thanks again for looking out.

Support will be your best bet, unless there are some similar insights from the previous discussions - it will work out well in the end !

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