New Rytm secrets

I am using the Rytm since september, and I love it. Since yesterday I know the song mode, which is really nice (especially with the mute function in it). Also the scenes and performance possibilities help me a lot. I lengthen my hh, filter my bass, delay my sounds in Perf. mode, I create breaks or make the pattern sound more intensive in performance mode.

I start to become narrow minded by creating a routine. It’s not a bad thing, it is really fast… but…

I think this machine is much deeper than I think it is.

Is it a good idea to share ‘Rytm secrets’ in a threat?

If you play your Rytm at the crack of dawn after a blood moon, you will be given two wishes. You cannot wish for more machines.

I was hoping this would be a thread about secret knowledge of upcoming features to be added, especially with NAMM going on.

too bad, I just read ‘synth secrets’… that’s why