New sample from selection in static machine?

I just want to make sure I am not missing something obvious. I have a very large file (too big for a Flex machine) loaded in track 1. Is there really no way I can select just a short phrase or sound from this, and save it as a new sample? The only work around I can think of is to re-sample, or to do the editing on the computer first.

I know that Static machines can’t have all the features of Flex, but this seems like a fairly straight forward thing? I’m curious if anyone knows the technical reason it’s not, as to this naive soul it makes no sense.

Load it to a static machine, go into the audio editor and trim it, then in the edit section use “save selection as sample”, load that to flex…


That’s what I assumed but that option “save selection as sample” doesn’t appear in the Audio Editor in a static machine. What am I doing wrong!? I’ll try again

Ahh… I’m back trying to help without my OT, haha… Not all the same flex edit functions are available to static, I thought that one would be there. Is crop to selection there? Or maybe you can copy then paste it?

Thanks- at least that confirms I have thought of all the same ideas and not missed something! I think it’s just not possible to do any of these ideas on a static machine. They ‘feel’ like they should be easy functions but that’s the mystery of the OT I guess.

Resampling is saving as a new sample. :wink:


Well yes- very good :laughing:
It’s just not quite as convenient. I seem to have a bad habit of losing my start/end points I made in the Audio Editor while I’m setting up the recorder so it’s annoying especially when dealing with very long samples (e.g. a 40 minute jam), I have to dial the start/end points all the way back and hope I can find them again!

you may be better off editing 40 min jams on a pc/mac.

I suspect you are right. Just a wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

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Resampling a little section shouldn’t impact the start/end points of the original sample at all. Just use a recorder on a different track to make sure you aren’t nudging anything by accident. You can press FN+Rec3 after recording to save quickly so you don’t even have to modify the track settings if you’re using it to play back something else.