New to forum and Elektron! Pads question


I have a RYTM just arrived, sadly haven’t had much time to use it yet, but working my way through the manual.

The machine looks and sounds great so far. I’ve read a lot of bad things about the pads, but they don’t seem as bad as everybody says.

I have found though that there is quite a jump from no velocity to an actual note on message, is that normal?

Also when using MPCs or my push you can just ‘lean’ on a pad when retrig is active and you will get a note on and then you can increase pressure to add volume.

With the RYTM I noticed I had to hit a certain threshold before I could fade in the roll, am I missing an after touch setting or something.

If I just rest lightly and increase pressure on the RYTM I don’t get a note on.

Is this normal also?

Really loving the seq in theory, as I haven’t been able to put I’ve read in practice, the synth editing options do a much wider palate of sound than I was lead to believe, so very happy about that!

I also recommend trying external sequencing of the rytm with an MPC. You can access all the 12 pads from the midi note range of 0-11 from any midi channel. Of course then you don’t get to harness all the awesome plocking on the AR sequencer, but you can easily use both at the same time (ie. using the MPC sequencer for the most part and using the internal sequencer on just a few tracks where you want extensive plocking automations). And also, you can use MPC qlinks to automate just about everything on the AR :wink:


I fully expect to have a love hate relationship with this thing, as with any hardware that’s worth using.

Thankfully I like working with accent more than velocity on xox style machines, but I imagine I will get frustrated when it comes to performance modes.

This with the new Electribe sampler could be a awesome setup I’m thinking.

The thing I’m most happy about so far , is the most important thing to me, which is the sound. That was my biggest concern after stalling on this for months. Thankfully I think it sounds fantastic!

Also no problems in perf mode for me

Indeed, I was speculating, but seems to work well.

I’m finding out fast that the performance aspect of this machine is a big part of it.

This pad sensitivity issue is actually one of my biggest gripes with the RYTM. At the very least there should be a setting to adjust the velocity sensitivity.