New to Rytm MK1- Rec Button Stuck Issue

So I just bought a second hand Rytm , it looks in great condition but I have encountered the following issue. I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem. OS bug or Faulty Unit?
I press rec , enter some steps on the sequencer, it works fine, continue to do so with other sounds… but at some point when I press Rec again I get the “Copy 1 Trig” message on the LCD, as if I were accessing the second function with the “Function” button pressed which Im not, pressing stop it does"Paste". I can not disengage this function and The only was to stop the sequence is by clicking the “track” button where it shows the sounds presets menu and when I exit , just then the Rec and stop buttons act normally.
Also a couple of buttons on the sequencer seem to get sticky, they don’t always work…need to press hard or super fast to disengage , might be dirty or?
I have done a factory reset, reset the +Drive and installed the lates OS
If anyone has any suggestions , please share.
thank you in advance

Do any other buttons only work as if they are in their ‘Function’ mode? Might be a stuck Function button which would probably be easy enough to fix.

just the 3 transport buttons (REC/PLAY/STOP) , no issues browsing pages or using knobs while this is happening

I’d suggest contacting Elektron support if no one here has any bright ideas within the next couple of days. Sounds unusual.

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I did, waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully it’s nothing serious

In the meantime, you might consider using Test Mode from the Startup Menu as described in the manual. Elektron may well ask you to do this anyway.

My bad, I forgot to mention the first thing I did was Test Mode, 0 Errors and the rest shows a + sign

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Well, have you given it a proper cuddle? Maybe it’s just still shy.

Haha, I think might just try that

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Button probably just needs a clean.

I’ll try some compressed air and see how it goes

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