New to Rytm

Hi all

I just got a brand new Analog Rytm mk2.

What are the things I need to check to understand if there are any hardware issues?

The only thing I noticed there is a sort of background noise coming from the headphone output?

Is it normal?

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You can run test mode, holding Fn + power up.
You should be able to test buttons / knobs / pads in test mode (I didn’t try).

Background noise is normal, depends on settings (overdrive / distortion / compressor…).
If signal / noise ratio is ok…



Tks I will check it out

I still have OS 1.45

I think when I got mine years ago, Elektron recommended calibration first. Not sure if that’s a thing still.

Actually, it’s been ages since I did calibrate it. Maybe that will help with some of the Dual Osc machine tuning issues…


Point to remember… the machine has to be on for at least two hours (or is it 3… it’s in the manual) before a calibration. :wink:

@Riuozami congratulations on your new machine! :partying_face:


Thank you!

Can I control the rytm with a mid controller, keys or push?

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Absolutely. I’ve never done this. Too complicated for me.

I would calibrate it (after 2 hours running as HisMostDarxxxellent stated) and the just run it channel by channel. Should be done quick, as there is not that much that needs to get run.

Some noise is normal. Even more when using the main outs.