New user - DN Qs

So I FINALLY fell off the fence and bought a Digitone… now I have questions. Btw I love it.

  1. Is the a color code map, ie red means off, white on; reason I ask is bcos what does purple mean? If I press [PTN] + [T1] the track lights purple, and there are other buttons that turn purple too.
    Edit: as soon as I posted I figured it out, Purple just current PTN.
    Also if T1 is purple and I press [FUNC] + [T1] T1 goes dark blue… what does dark blue mean?

  2. Does anyone know the specs of the DAC?

  3. In the 6 hours I’ve used the DN it has “failed to load the DSP”, got stuck on the boot screen where it shows the FW(1.10) but before the logo gets blown away, 1 pattern continues to play into another pattern when selected, and got stuck on play, so can’t stop pattern… is this normal? 1 minute off and everything goes back to normal.

Also it could be cool if the buttons with alt function had translucent cut outs at the bottom to illuminate the alt function name… I know I will remember all soon, but then I’ll forget once I start using another shiny toy. Or maybe photoluminescent paint… just an idea.


Sorry to say that, but don’t be lazy and RTFM.

Open the latest manual for the Digitone on the Elektron site and then …

  • search it for a specific color name
  • search for ‘electrical specifications’

Everything (beside point 3) can be found there.

And regarding point 3 you can find some bug reports here in the forum (again via search). But it’s not conclusive yet what is the root cause of it.


yes you have global mute mode and pattern mute mode but actually specific color names are almost not mentioned in the manual! It does not say which color does what! And it does not say that switching to Arp turns purple when already being on that page, or turning blue when not being on that page!
3: DN is a buggy machine, it’s my second one after hardware issues with glitchy LFO dest. page, freezes, weird behaviour, wobbly loose encoders,… Second machine has got 1 crash now, think we have to live with all this

I think I saw a post of someone that got reply from Elektron that DSP error is software related? They work on an update?

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What do you mean by “specific color names are almost not mentioned”? IMHO everything is there, but of course all over the “place” that’s why searching is needed (don’t search for “purple”, search for “magenta”).

These colors can be found in the manual (off the top of my head): red, blue, magenta, white, yellow, green …

The magenta or purple of the Arp is I believe not mentioned, neither is the blue color mentioned when switching to that same page! should be one color only,
I believe it is also not mentioned when accessing Func + page to get to reverb for example, the button turns light blue.

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Non mute mode

Green: selected and active

White: Active not selected.

Red: Track muted (global mute, will transfer between pattern states)

Magenta: Track muted (pattern mute, only affects current pattern)

Blue: Both Pattern mute and Global mute applied. Need to undo both to activate sound.

In Mute mode
Tracks will light up either RED or MAGENTA based on which mute mode you’re in.

Bright red/magenta (non muted tracks, white flashes in time with activated trigs)

Dimed/off (muted tracks, trigs will still flash, color shows which mute mode is responsible red/magenta)

Blue still means both pattern and global mute have been applied.

As for the menu keys

Red is normal mode
Cyan is secondary menu (arp, chorus, reverb, etc)

SOME MENUS are not secondary pages but actual new menus ARP and Sound settings can be entered from any screen (filter, amp, src1, etc) if you enter arp setup from any of those pages their menu key will remain red. If you happen to be on the page that the secondary menu is on you’ll see the red key mixed with the cyan of the arp menu highlighting. This produces a magenta color instead of the normal red or cyan.

It’s a ui issue present with a lot of menus across the line of mkii and digi products. They need to sort it for consistency but they’ve got bigger overbridge shaped fish to fry right now.