New user, midi notes control question

I just ordered an Octatrack and am thinking about getting a midi controller for it.

I see in the manual that different octaves have different functionality. I am unsure about the wording associated with the octave 7,8,9 (Chromatic trig channel n).

I was hoping to use a midi controller to play notes either changing the pitch of the sample, or to write notes to the sequencer to sequence an external synth.

If I am understanding it correctly that the top 3 octaves work this way, what is the process. Do you then transpose the sequencer to get the desired octave. I assume it is possible to sequence more than three octaves.

I need to figure this out before ordering a controller because if I cant play notes into the sequencer, there would be no need to get a controller with a keyboard.

My apologies if this is explained in the manual. I have skimmed it but since I don’t have the unit yet, I don’t plan to dive deep until I have it in front of me because it get’s pretty confusing without it.

Also I did a search of the forums, but there was way too much information to sift through not knowing how to narrow the search results effectively.

For chromatic playing of audio tracks, it’s actually 25 notes (note numbers 72 to 96) which gives you +/- 12 semitones from the original pitch (note 84).

For MIDI sequencer tracks, the OT can record any MIDI note value.

Ah, I see now that the third octave is just one note.

So when a midi track is selected the other functionality is disabled, or perhaps when record is enabled the other note value assignments are disabled? I see that you can select a midi track with a note value so there must be another level at which the note assignments are disabled.

Regardless that is not the issue. Once I get the unit and thoroughly go through the manual I will see for myself how the functionality works. Bottom line is that I see now that it is confirmed that I can use a keyboard controller to re-pitch a sample and record midi-notes into the midi sequencer.

Thanks for your response!

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Rather than enable/disable, it’s more like incoming MIDI messages are routed to one specific track (one of the 8 audio tracks or 8 MIDI sequencer tracks, depending on the channel number of the incoming message and the AUTO CHANNEL setting of the OT).

The two types of track (audio and MIDI sequencer) have different behaviours in response to MIDI notes.

The AUTO CHANNEL can be set up to allow remote control of some OT functions, as you observed.

Cool, thanks for your response. I don’t really understand, but I don’t even have the unit yet so I’ll just have to wait and get my hands on it to really experience the functionality so I can wrap my head around it.


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