New wip feat. MDUW: Semantic

Hi all,

I would really love for you to check out this latest work-in-progress. Still probably not quite finished, but nearly there.

I look forward to reading what you think:


Quite like it, just started following you.
It’s very typical Machindrum sounding, if I had to say anything critical i’d like a bit more varying chords some sort of progression.

Good stuff as usual encym.
If anything I would make it shorter or as arsecrack is saying more variation. Last part sounds almost like a new track. I would enjoy a bit of ambience in the middle as well to contrast the beats. Mix sounding great btw!

Completely agree with koshimazaki about the mix, just terrific sounding. The use of effects, esp. in the opening section, is fantastic.

Compositionally it sounded like it was two different atmospheric pieces, maybe two sections of a dj set with a transition between them. If that’s the effect you were going for, I’d say you succeeded :slight_smile:

Astonishing, only MDUW+???

Maybe just bring back the same/first texture/pad sample of the song in the last part like a recall.

Good job, I’ll have to turn on my MD tonight…

Thanks for those inspiring comments!
I get the point of two different pieces being in there – purely intentional. I am experimenting with it still. I deliberately did not insert an atmospheric middle part as that’s happening all too often in my tracks. Oh and of course, the pads are not MD - the drum sounds are however.
Thanks again and do check back, it’s likely to change still!

This is a complete re-work now.

f^^k me, ^that^ is brilliant !

Yeah, that second take is fantastic Roland, thumbs up my friend!

Really, really good.

Thanks everyone!
Very much appreciated.

There’s a new part to this (Pt. III of this Suite):


Thanks all!
There’s new one feat. MD now up.
Listen here:

cool tune bro!

like the breaky stuff in the middle towards the end … sounds pretty sweet…good balance for low subby basey fields… not too overwhelming but VERY present!

thumbs up

fantastic production on that last one … good one for me to end the day on. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Cheers! Grazie! Merci!
There’s so many new ones since then…
Latest is
Featuring MDUW+

Cheers everyone!
There’s a new work with MD here:

cool track! (keep it short imho) left comments on the soundcloud page … the reversed snare is cool, did you resample that?

great traks with the MD!

Can’t recall how I did it I’m afraid :slight_smile:
The latest:

hey encyme, this is again a very well mastered, engeneered track! … the drum depths is just amazing, the rhythmicality super perplex but not too confusing …

i wish i could see your workflow how to achieve that!

very round spherical, brown, spiked messagefull piece of audio tenderness