Newbie Help Analog Rytm MKII and Jomox Alpha Base levels

Hello All

I am new to all of this so please forgive my newbie question. I connected the Alpha Base stereo mix left output (running mono) to the audio in Analog Rytm left Input and then main out to a single powered monitor.

I noticed when running both drum machines together the Analog Rytm levels are significantly higher then the Alpha Base. Even when maxing the mix volume of the Alpha base does not seem to help much. I am going to try a balanced cable to see if that helps but if it doesn’t produce a noticeable increase would I need a mixer?

In addition without a mixer how can ensure both machines are running at the same level?

If I recall the inputs run into the compressor. I never had much luck getting levels matched and just plugged the Rytm into other devices

Yeah the input to the Rytm is relatively quiet. Works OK with Euro levels.

You can boost it with the compressor levels but the best way is to match the levels of ur kit to whats coming in.

How would I boot the compressor level on the Rytm? I only have 3 pieces of gear a Moog Matrairch Alpha Base and a Analog Rytm MK II. What mixer or other gear would you recommend to manage all 3?

press the fx button then go to the compressor page (amp button). Set mix to 100% then turn up the vol, thats on my mk1 im pretty sure its the same on the mk2


I have an audio interface with 6 inputs I use, I either set levels in the interfaces control app or the daw. I tend to use the rytm standalone as a couch/noodle box these days. Maybe others have ideas on how to best hook things up.

What audio interface would you recommend to balance out the levels?

Any of them will be fine, focusrite/steinberg/presonus, just make sure it has enough inputs, so like 6 inputs = 3 stereo pairs. A conventional mixer will also be fine too and you can pick those up 2nd hand pretty cheap.

Yeah a mixer is really nice for loads of reasons. If you plan to keep your setup small, something small and simple as an A&H Zed10 would be great already. Good quality sound yet small and affordable.

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I don’t know your needs, intentions, tablespace, or how critical perfect clean sound is to you.

For that type of quality gear I’d probably get a matching quality mixer like f.e. the mentioned ZED10. Bút, to also suggest something even smaller cheaper, maybe it’s enough for you to try:

It’s like €23 euros. To boost the Alphabase before going into Rytm.

Thank you for the suggestions

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