Newbie Help! Pasted track/pattern should be identical but isn't?

This is one of those things that I’m not sure is happening because I just don’t how to use my A4 or something weird is actually happening.

I have setup a track with a pattern in Track 4 that I wanted to move to Track 2. (single page 16x16)

I copied and pasted T4 with [PAGE] + [REC] and pasted into T2 with [PAGE]+[STOP]

I also copied the sound of T4 into T2 with [TRACK]+[REC] and [TRACK]+[STOP]

Am I right in thinking that now, Track 2 should be identical to Track 4?

For some reason, the new Track 2 seems to play with infinite note time, Track 4 plays normally. Also, the triggers seem to have pasted an octave down. I’m really at a loss for what could be wrong here.

I compared every panel and every setting seems to be identical. I checked all accent/note slide/parameter slide settings, nothing is different. As far as I can tell, there are no P-locks (and since the mini keyboard sounds different, I assume that’s not the problem either?)

Does anyone have any clue what I could be missing here or should look for in a situation like this? I made a quick video to demonstrate the issue:

One issue- looks like u have transpose on
2nd - check the poly settings in case u have track2/3 playing in unison

Other than that it seems odd - your copying seems ok

Also clear performance settings in case 1 perf param sets infinite release on track 2


checked the transpose?

happens also when not clock slaved?

OH gosh :disappointed:
You were right on the dot :slight_smile:

  1. Octave issue - Transpose was activated
  2. Release - Old performance setting
    Ahhhhh. I was losing my mind for a moment, thank you so much!