Newbie question - Analog Four as a CV to Midi Converter?

Hey all, thanks for taking the time to read this. Quick question: Can the Analog Four be used as a MIDI to CV converter/translator?

I have Ableton Live and and SH 101 that I’d like to track through the A4 if possible.

Thanks in advance for any response.

yes, the CV is not locked to the A4. I regularly control my modular via the A4 (USB, but midi will work too) which gets notes from Ableton. Just make sure you select the proper channel for CV and you’re good to go.

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Fantastico! Thank you! :+1:

Do y’all know why when I do this I have to hit a key four times, getting a note on every fourth key press? (Novation Impulse 49 -MIDI-> MPC 1000 -MIDI-> to A4 mkii to eurorack)

If I play a regular track with MIDI like that, I get a note per key press, but when I have CV set to use Track 1 for gate and v/oct, and then send to MIDI channel 1 from the MPC 1000 (with Track 1 oscillators set to ground), I get this every-fourth-key-press thing.

I thought maybe I had to put a note on every step of the Track 1 sequence, so I did that, but I’m glad that didn’t work, because I want to be able to perform like this, without the sequencer involved.

Are you sending the audio signal into the A4? If so, is it coming through the mix on the effects track of the A4 (main), or is it routed via a single track’s oscillator page? If it’s the latter - maybe you have voice rotation enabled? Sorry not sure if that would affect it - I don’t normally use it that way.

Also, wondering… are you using auto channel? And what version of Ableton Live are you using?


Hi, @haircut. I’m not using Ableton Live. The A4 sends CV to the eurorack, and its audio goes to the mixer. But because the oscillators are off on track one, none of the four voices on the A4 are being used. The eurorack oscillator is getting volt-per-octave control voltage from the A4’s CV A, though.

So I’d be really surprised if it was voice rotation, but … I have zero ideas, so you’re doing better than me. Thanks very much for the response!

Actually, I had one idea: Maybe I should try to upgrade the A4’s firmware. Generally I hate that kind of thing, and it’s one reason I’m DAWless, but … I guess if somebody recognizes this as a fixed bug in the firmware, that would be the answer. I hate upgrading firmware out of (“maybe this will help”) ignorance, though.

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Oops. It’s every third key press!

Also, this is happening the same from the keys on the A4 itself, so I was on the wrong track thinking that MIDI is involved. I might have to ask this question in a different thread after looking for people already discussing the thing I’m seeing.

Turns out, @haircut, that you were right. Although it doesn’t seem like it should be a poly thing, when I changed the configuration to turn off voices two and three, everything started working great.

I have no idea what’s going to happen when I try to use this external eurorack synth along with voices from the A4, though. :confused: I’ll find out soon enough.

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