Newbie question: Creative uses of trig locks


I’m new to the world of Elektron sequencing and am interested to know how other people use ([func][trig]) trig locks creatively on their Digitone.

The manual does not go into a great deal of detail beyond explaining how these are applied. I’m keen to put these note-less trigs to some creative use so any ideas that you can give me would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

My main use for them is with the PRE and not-PRE trig conditions. You can set a trigless trig (yellow) with a probability, for example set to 33%, then set a fill after it with everything you want to play 33% of the time set to PRE, and anything you want to drop out for that fill set to not-PRE. This gives you a lot more flexibility with the use of probability conditions.

Ill be following this thread, I’d love to hear some other creative uses for the trigless trigs.


I use them a lot as “motion sequencing”. Example, put a long note/chord on the first step and use trig locks to move the filter cutoff adding motion to the sound without retriggering the note/chord.


Filter’s the most obvious one.

P-Locking LFO settings will surely be satisfying(destination/speed/depth being notable ones)

SYN2 Envelopes will probably be good.

FX Sends, also good.

SYN1 settings- a bit too daunting for me. But definitely the mark of a Digitone master when you can purposely p-lock those.


Thanks everyone.

This has given me some great ideas for things try out. :+1:

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