Newbie Trig Question

I finally got my Syntakt on Tuesday and have spent a couple of evenings with it. Navigating around the buttons is slowly starting to click. However I’m really stuck with this:

I have a sequence I have played in on the keyboard ie Live Recording Mode and now I’d like to edit some of the individual trigs changing velocity, setting up probability etc, However when I am in Trig mode I can’t select an individual trig, however when I have recorded the pattern using Grid Recording Mode I can select individual trigs. Is it possible to edit trigs that have been played in?

press REC to enter GRID recording mode, select and hold the trig you want to edit and hold it while changing parameters.

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Got it thanks!

…behind all elektron controls there a different results depending on…
tap once, tap twice or hold it…
once u add hold function, it’s a different set of control options again…
and once u get used to that always same set of rules, u’ll start to klak klak zak zak and fly away with it…

Definitely don’t tap those recorded trigs: you’ll remove them. Once they’re recorded, hold them if you want to make changes (in grid mode).

Yep. For sure.

It’s really a nice interface. You’re “touching” your music directly with your fingers, rather than affecting it indirectly through a mouse.

You are using a trigger key instead of a mouse. Same dif.

A) allow me my illusions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
B) actually I disagree. The mouse (and touch screens) homogenise all experience. Interacting with films, stems, books, emails all feel the same on a laptop or phone. The only thing that feels like my Elektrons are my other Elektrons and I enjoy that haptic differentiation

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I totally understand. I use an MPC or a FORCE or a Maschine and to me those are computers…when I “play” my Elektrons I really enjoy them more than the others…more like I’m playing and not the machine playing. I only had 2 hours sleep last night…sorry.

Thanks everyone the “tap once, tap twice or hold it…” is starting to make sense, struggled a lot with the keyboard at first, then I realised hold it brought up the settings… hopefully more time with the Syntakt this weekend will help… slowly moving forward…

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Hi Guys, Another question, are there any tricks to get different delay times across different patterns?

No, there are no tricks, because this is just a basic function: just change the delay time on different patterns; this data is saved within the pattern.

No offense, but this question is so basic I would gentle recommend to rtfm. :cheeky:

Apologies this is my first Elektron box, I’ve had exactly a week, and still have a lot to learn. I was reading the manual over the weekend. You can change the delay times with the LFO on the effects track - something I figured out since posting the last question. I’m getting there!

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Or simply change Delay time in Delay page…:wink: