Next Gen Ableton Push?


Interesting. I’ll presume no “Push 3” for a couple more years then.

Though could equally be a UI overhaul. Still don’t think they use the screen real estate as effectively as they could do.


I like that they ask for a cv without a picture.


Trying to predict the release date of Push 3 can certainly drive a person insane


I’m sure I’ve been holding off buying Push2 “just in case the new one is released” for about 3 years now!


Isn’t this standard in most places? I wouldn’t put date of birth on mine either

Push Standalone ?

The ability to do that inexpensively will drive that eventually. Is that what a Push 3 looks like now ?

3 years ago, i made a super fresh picture of myself,
to give the impression of the perfect son-in-law :slight_smile:
i’ve seen many pictures, but also QR-code or url with website or personal presentation.
this might be different in different countries, and in different sectors.
to be honest, i check a cv, but mainly check Linkedin and google.

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dream job



The ableton mixer??

Maschine Jambleton? :thinking:


So mean >.<; I guess we will be seeing some more push 3 info around the same time next year.

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I don’t know the source of this image.

But keep in mind today’s date.


Remember this last year:

The notice “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY” looks totally fake to me. Forty plus years as a new product developer and i’ve never seen any document labeled this way ever, on any of the “secret projects” i’ve worked on.

Lol. The back doesn’t match the top Where are the knobs?. Back is from the current Push.

Loads of other sloppy in there too. Knob alignment is out of whack, components impossibly close to edges, blah, blah, blah.


No chance that’s real, at least it’s not a next gen push. I ended up selling my Push 2, mainly because it’s easier for me to navigate with a mouse, although I did love the integration with fx and internal instruments (wavetable, operator, simpler/sampler ) very useful, but it was a bit conflicting. I’m tempted to give it another go but I was hoping a Push 3 was close by…if I buy a push 2, i guarantee the new one will drop the next day, and be so great it writes you own songs, fills your bank with cash and has a gang of groupies all firing into my shitty flat. Thats as likely as that fake machine jam looking thing.


I think they should make a controller for arrangement mode. You wouldn’t need all the pads, it would be a counterpart to the push 2 not a replacement.


Exactly my thought :joy:

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