NI Komplete Kontrol with DT A4 and OT


I have recently purchased an S61 with Ultimate 11. I am hoping to find a dawless solution to be able to sequence sounds from Ultimate 11 through either the MIDI of the Digitakt and or the Octatrack.

Everything is on a Midi patchbay.

I am not sure how to even begin. I do have other gear accessible to the DT and OT.


I don’t really understand the “dawless” requirement in your case, because when you want to use Komplete there is already a computer involved. Even if you don’t use the DAW for sequencing and recording, you can at least use it to setup the devices from Komplete on different tracks, route MIDI and audio around (in & out), build up chains with MIDI/audio effects and use it as mixer for the ITB tracks (as an additional bonus you can save your virtual setup as project).

The S61 + Komplete combo is nice, but it cannot (IMHO) replace a DAW.

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My point is I do not own any DAW except for Reaper. I have never used a daw. I was hoping to be able to mess with the elektron trigs.

Use Maschine.

Can’t afford Machine or a DAW. Trying to work with what I’ve got.

NI Komplete runs in standalone, couldn’t you use the DT midi on USB or the OT/DT through a midi interface as controllers?

Or route stuff in Reaper?

I guess that is my point.
I do not know how to do that.

With external gear, I just connect MIDI wires. Done.

Can I just use stand alone Komplete Kontrol to be able to see Digitakt?
I don’t have a MIDI interface with computer. Just USB.


try this


latency :frowning: if you play one kickdrum on OT and on the same trig one midi kick drum , the midi one will have some retard… so … so what … I’m so dissapointed about this since 3 years

Anyone who can say something about this? I would like to control my A4 and OT with an A49.