Nice MIDI keyboard for the A4

I don’t know if it has been mentioned before but the AKAI LPK25 is a really nice and compact fit for the A4 (the exact same width). It even has the same color scheme!

It’s very nice to just have some small keys to press while tweaking the parameters, much better then the buttons IMO.

It’s lika a poor man’s AK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Nice set up, do you control the blofeld with the octatrack? How do you change programs?

Thanks! Yes I do control the Blofeld with the OT.
I use OT program change on OT of I want to change it, but mostly I just use one sound at a time from the Blo.

Neat, and nice setup you have there, all seems well organised!

Is funny, just this morning I was looking at my ms20 mini next to my little PM cell48 and noticed it was the same height and depth as the keybed of the ms20 but half the width… was wondering if I got a pm cell90 whether I could rip out the keybed and have 90hp of mod rack instead - basically the exact opposite of what you have done XD

Nice. Can you share how the drawer system looks and where to acquire it? Hope you don’t mind I would be sharing with my synth group at


How do you connect the LPK to the A4? Isn’t it USB only?


Great idea. Particularly since I have an LPK25 in a drawer myself. :wink:

Curious about the same thing as Hans myself.

Me three.
I just bought a 37 Keys midi keyboard so I could connect it directly to the A4/Electribe without going through my computer…

i got one of these for my studio recently. heavy metal case, full size keys with nice action, and even has an on/off switch :slight_smile:

Correct, it is USB only. I use a iConnect MIDI 4+ to connect it to the A4.
The LPK25 also has 4 different modes that are configurable via computer so that it is easy to switch between 4 different midi channels.

Looks like a nice fit. Why would the MIDI not work through the USB connection on the Analog Four? Does it not give the LPK enough power?

I have not tried that, but i do not believe it would work. First it would require a mini USB -> USB B, witch are not a very common cable. Second I don’t think that the A4 works as a USB host for controllers. Would be really nice though :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you need a usb host in the equation. If you don’t want a computer acting as the usb host you are limited in options - kenton makes a usb/midi host box in addition to the iconnectmidi4 already mentioned or you could try to make one from an arduino kit. At the end of the day I just ended up using my iPhone or iPad as the host to my xkeys25 since I use them as recorders and sampling sources in my computerfree setup anyway.

Both the cme xkeys37 and qunexus have proprietary usb host to midi conversion if you like their design.

A guy succeed to add a MIDI OUT to the LPK25 ! See

Here is the Arduino USB Host Shield showed in his video:

But from that time they made the same in tinier and here it is:

It should be just perfect to fit inside the LPK25 to allow to add a MIDI OUT socket !

I just ordered one and will try. I will let you know if it succeed.

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Interesting, the iconnect has those printer usb inputs which would make it difficult to connect a regular usb controller. What kind of usb cables are you using? Maybe a picture of your cables/connections?

@Nevermind : the iConnectMIDI4+ has actually a regular USB input, you can then plug a USB hub and get something like 8 MIDI over USB inputs…
iConnect rules !

Yes, it has 2 ‘printer type’ inputs on the front but a regular input on the back that has USB-hub support. So I could have 8 different keyboards and have them routed to 8 different midi channels if I wanted :slight_smile:

Thats a badd ass looking set up!
Nice photos too.

Hi, that look superb! But what model is that rack self what you can pull out?


It is one of these:
They are super robust and really heavy :slight_smile: