Nice sounds with Elektron Machines

Hey there, I’ve been using the Machine drum for a long time. I have an sps-1 mk1, would like to upgrade to a UW MK2 one day but I’ll have to finish paying off my OT first. I play gigs all the time, always live PA techno and I usually make my own kits with combinations of sounds from different machines. My favorite machine is the EFM machine, I’m trying to go for a pseudo 909 - 808 sound with my MD but I can never quite achieve a nice thin hi hat sound, the default EFM hat sounds seem to have a wide range of harmonics greater than those of your classic Roland machines. I was wondering if anyone has made a sysex patch with really nice sounding kits that people have made by changing the default machine sounds. Or if anyone has any tips on how to craft the sounds and make them sound punchier!

There’s a nice collection of MD tips compiled here:

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Oh great! this is exactly the kind of info i was looking for! Still curious though if anyone has made a sysex pack with already nice sounding drums crafted.

I can’t remember who at the moment, but a couple of days ago another member posted that they will soon be uploading a 909 and a 303 kit for the MD, using the internal machines (not samples). There are some tips out there between this place and E-U, if you want to create your own and don’t want to wait.

omg please let me know! I want that kit bad!

Daren Ager created a 808 kit for the MD some years ago. Don’t know if you can find it on Elektronauts. But if not, the syx-file is still available on (


Veets is working on the 909/303 kit… Looking forward to when he releases it…

I Love it :wink:

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Wow dude thanks a lot this exactly what i was looking for! GREAT!

thanks for the link!!!

thank you for posting the link!

thank you for posting the link![/quote]
My pleasure!

A few ideas:

Visit Elektron-Users, MK7 posted a thread there that gave the settings for a 909-style kit that he uses a lot in his own live PA performances. As I recall it got a lot of compliments from people who go for that sound. (There may be a thread here on e0 that repeats them.)

Also, the files section there has a lot of sysex that might help you. In particular, look for the Machinedrum DJ Project collections #1 and #2, several of the patterns are for non-UW machinedrum and may be enlightening.

For the future: Justin Valer is busy creating sysex for the MD’s internal synths that closely emulates one of the Roland x0x sequencers, can’t remember which one. Keep an eye out for it because he’s got a good ear for detail.

Also, Google “Wesen Machinedrum Notes” 1 and 2. The creator of the Minicommand was kind enough to post on his blog some very detailed and useful thoughts on MD sound design in PDF format. He also includes sysex and samples for maybe half a dozen patterns that he made for the UW model, but most of it is internal synth work … you might try loading the sysex so you can check out the tracks that are compatible.

Hope this helps.

All of this is great! I sometimes feel left out with my old school sps-1 but you guys have helped me fall in love with it again.

Dont feel that you are missing out. Apart from some samples which absolutely cannot be synthesized, the other machines are where the flexibility is at. Straight hats are always boring until you shape them with p-locks - something no sampler can do.

Oops, Maschine 2.0 with the Elektron like p-locks is a possible competitor.