No information on the Octakontrol

Anyone with user experience care to tell us what makes this thing distinguishable from a performance and/or programming POV?

I have one, and haven’t used it except for volume faders, so no experience on the more interesting programmable side.

But basically, while I get that I could achieve similar results with any number of cheaper MIDI controllers, I appreciate having 8 nice-feeling faders in a sturdy box that matches the OT in size and appearance. That’s pretty much it; I paid extra to have something that does a simple job without the need to get fiddly.

What a refreshingly honest answer.

It’s got great form factor that’s for sure

hello I have one and for me is cool beautiful with the okta panel is great but you juste have 8 fader with button to change .
Now for me the better solution for control oktatrack is launch control xl with kenton midi host with the last Firmare for the xl with the calc template found it novation web