No midi out from octatrack

Ok new to octatrack but I seem to not be able to send midi from the octatrack be it notes or clock. I thought I would try to send clock first to test. Here is what I have done.

  1. I have set through OT (midi config) sync transp send and clock send.

  2. I am using a motu micro lite as midi interface and inputting into channel 5 from OT midi out, this is monitored by midi monitor on OS X. No incoming midi is registered.

  3. I checked the cable and motu interface channel 5 input by sending midi notes via a midi keyboard and notes are showing incoming midi in midi monitor, meaning interface and cable are functioning.

Not sure where to go from here?? Any advice??

One little thing that can trip people up is, when you select the midi channel in the machine, you have to press the encoder down to activate it. Give this a go.

I tried this but from my understanding this wouldn’t get in the way of the octatrack sending midi clock anyway :confused:

Not only that but I have the output of the octatrack input into midi monitor so im not concerned about it sending values on the wrong channel, I’m not getting any values sent at all.

Project -> Midi -> Channels -> Auto Channel

Again regardless of what auto channel is set (off-16) midi monitor is not showing any incoming midi messages sent from ot

There are occasional reports on the forum from users whose OT’s MIDI Out ports do not work.
I recommend that you create a support ticket via Elektron’s website.

Thanks will put a request in, my dumb luck got a lemon :frowning:

So what are you trying to control ?

Ultimately, other synths, eurorack (through a converter) possibly even ableton, but the point is I have been monitoring midi out from the octatrack isn’t sending midi messages at all on any of the channels. This is the first time I have tried it so looks like the unit is defective.

Warranty ?

Do you have a midi keyboard going midi in to the Octatrack, and midi out to your interface? What are you trying to play? If you look at the upper left part of the screen, you
Should see a dot above left for incoming midi ( midi keyboard), and upper right dot is midi messages going out. If you don’t see the upper right dot, you don’t have out going midi.
It looks like it’s above the the BPM on the screen.

  •      *   < this one blinking with midi notes going out. 
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I have caught my Octatrack in the act of not sending MIDI. It’s been going dead a few times this past few days.

Unplugging the MIDI cable and replugging worked this time. And rebooting also helped previously.

Putting a ticket now.

Have you tried a different cable?

The OT is plugged directly into a UM-One.

Only way for me to know if the UM-One is what’s going dead would be for me to swap to another device for a while. That’s what I’ll do.

If unplugging and replugging helps, it could be either the UM-One or the OT. The rebooting of the OT might be reinitializing the UM-One port also.

test against another midi device if available - also look at OT midi out pixel, just in case

test OT with din midi loopback - midi LFO to audio destination

din midi uses an optocoupler on the in port, if anything midi wise was going to go wrong i’d first start suspecting the In device (particularly if it was a small portable inline one like that - had issues with similar myself)