No new sample triggering upon switching slots

Dear Elektronauts,

We are using the Octatrack in an Ableton session view reminiscent fashion–we trigger pre-rendered loops within the static machine and combine loops from different songs (that are in different patterns and each bank is 1 song).

During playback we want to switch samples/slots within a track/channel. We use this, for example, to switch between two different variations of hi-hats within the same song in time to the clock. Both hi-hat samples are on different slots (we use static machines).

For example:
Static slot 30 is playing on track 3, pattern length 2 bars. We want to switch to slot 31 upon completion of one cycle of slot 30 (Ableton style), without stopping the sequencer.

Usually, this works flawlessly and makes for a lot of live-fun!

We are running into the following problem:
On some occasions, the new sample/slot is not triggered after loading it in the slot selection window. In simpler words: after selecting Slot 31, Slot 30 keeps on playing.
We checked all the playback settings and compared them to functioning tracks, and we cant find the problem.

Is this a common issue?

Thanks a bunch!!

Robin ^ Nick

Does it happen with a new project?
Basic trig, one shot, 1ST trig condition ?
Files length?
Error messages in slots?
Would you use different patterns?

Thanks for the reply.

It happens with an existing project (that we have been using and editing for years that didn’t have this problem before).

We are triggering a 8 bar loop. Pattern settings: Plays free, Trig mode One2, Trig Quant Tr. Len
The length is variable. 1 - 32 bars. Mostly experiencing the problem with samples longer than 4 bars.

We are not using different patterns, We are switching slots within one pattern during playback.

Thanks so much for the help!

Robin and Nick

How? With a regular trig, setting scale to x1/2?