No parameter locks for FXs' parameters?

Did i miss something or there is no way to automate, for instance, delay time or feedback ?

There is no FX “track” on DT or DN, like on the larger Elektrons.

FX parameters do have CC#s though. You can automate them with other MIDI hardware, or using a MIDI cable, sending the DN MIDI tracks out and back into the unit itself.


Thanks for the answer. I’ll look into the cc option.

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I really wish they did the Digitakt in a way that you would not need cables to use the midi LFOs. It would be cool to use one to slowly change the delay time. I ll try and do that


Yeah I dont understand that either. It would in my opinion be much better to have 16 lfos that are freely assignable to any track. So you can decide to use 4 lfos for one track and none for another track. It would be a lot more flexible like that.