No program change parts/banks/project cc?

I’ve read that it is possible to send program change to Octa to switch parts/banks/projects. But I can’t find any CC info in the manual. Is it even possible?

Nope. Patterns only.

A Program Change is a specific midi message, not a CC. Usually used to change synths/fx patches, it can be used to change patterns.

On Octatrack, Program Change reception changes patterns only. No midi messages to change its parts, banks, projects.

You can assign different parts to different patterns. That’s the only way to change parts with external midi.

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Thank you! For some reason I thought it’s essential in a such device. I had to check the manual before buying :grimacing:

Imho it’s better to try Octatrack at least a week to understand better its potential.
Manual and videos don’t suffice.