No Sound from A4

So I just received my Analog Four today and I had it set up with my Analog Rytm. Everything was going well, I set up the outputs, routed the audio through my mixer, etc. I played some presets and synced it with the Rytm. I shut everything off and unplugged the machines, went out grabbed a bite to eat, and when I came back, I can’t get any sound out of the Analog Four!!!

What happened? Nothing changed… The only way I can get sound is if I max out the master and it only outputs a crackling/distorted noise. I hope my Analog Four isn’t defective… ugh I was so excited to play with this machine.

I hope someone has a solution, maybe I’m just noobing it, I don’t know, but please help!

i had an issue too… the sequencer stopped triggering the synth midway through playing a sequenced loop. worked ok from the mini keyboard, sequencer kept running… no sound = weird.

power cycling fixed it

i hope yours comes good too :slight_smile:

Hmm, I ran it in Test Mode and got 0 errors. I did a factory reset and still no sound… What the heck!

What’s power cycling?

Hah, okay, guess I was noobing it…

But still something weird is going on.

So I only have one L/R 1/4 output cord, I was running it from my Rytm, so I decided to switch it to the Analog 4. I was using a single 1/4 out from the A4 from the Headphones out.

So the Headphones out doesn’t work but the Left/Right out does work. Hmmm.