No sound from Rytm input channels

I have both the Rytm and the A4. If I add an audio track in Ableton and choose the A4 and its input channels in the drop down below it works great, I get the signal from the inputs. But if I do the same with my Rytm there’s no signal coming through.

Can someone confirm yours is working?

Just making sure that you are aware there are fundamental differences between A4 and AR in this regard (especially Mk1s) fwiw

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I had no clue. Thanks for informing me! You say especially mk1? I have mk2, any difference?

extra inputs on Mk2 - so specifying which is important

The Mk2 adds sampling, so those new inputs do have AD conversion, although they are not configured to pass through as per either Mk1 A4 or AR … in terms of harnessing those new sampling inputs over usb

those additional Mk2 inputs are discussed elsewhere … e.g.

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Great, thanks a lot!