No sound on any Octatrack tracks when recording (resolved)

Hi I am having an issue and some people on reddit are saying they are too.
I have loaded a recording buffer on to a flex machine on track 1 of the demo project (I just got the OT and I’m playing around). now that ive loaded the recording buffer and am trying to record I hear no play back of my recording nor any of the other 7 unmuted, not-sent-to-cue audio tracks. Yes I have a trigger layer down on step 1. I can reasonably guess that im in some type of live mode that does this but I can’t seem to find where to exit it so I can hear again.

is this a defective unit?

thanks for your help.

When you open the recording in the audio editor and you press [Function]+[Yes] to preview the sample through the main outs, does it play?
[Cue]+[Yes] previews it through the cue outputs, does that play?

[Function]+[Bank] to open a sample/recording in the audio editor on the OT MK1, Mk2 has a dedicated AED button.

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Although it doesn’t solve this specific problem I’d at least load up a new blank project and give the same thing a try - if your concern is the health of the box. There’s no doubt a setting or something somewhere in the demo project that’s causing mischief.

solved thank you


Cool. Want to share what the problem was, so that when other people run into the same issue they can find this thread?


What was was it bud?