No tips thread?

How come the takt forum has a thriving tips and tricks thread yet us toners have not

You guise are still all reeling with all the unfathomable possibilities the Tone has?


They might be man

Me however, I’m neither clever nor creative enough for tips and tricks

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Well, there’s gold allover youtube and a lot of the other elektrons have similar features you can translate to the DN.

Check out Zivs video:

Some good things there. But DN specific?

Edit: Actually, the best tips and tricks are in the factory patterns. The Elektron people pack those things with a lot of hidden tech. I study them often.


Cheers man. It’s a good start

Perhaps the toners are more secret then the takters :thinking:

can’t really give you much tips as most of the time I have no idea wtf I’m doing when I’m using the DN - but great stuff still just oozes out from it! The DN really rewards experimentation.

But if you want patches to dissect, I strongly recommend the RTFM soundpack. Lots of great sounds in there which utilize the idiosyncracies of the sound engine! Also check the new DK soundbank, it has alot more new sounds than the DN original factory bank (haven’t checked them myself yet tho)


Nice one tsutek. Wasn’t begging for tips, but do appreciate them massively

Just keep seeing the big juicy takters thread and feel us toners needed one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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sure, I’m sure nobody will mind any tips threads around here! The more the merrier.

One big tip I can think of came about when the new ratio offsets were introduced. @RobertSyrett figured out how to do wavefolding with the digitone almost immediately after the update! I bet that’s a massive treasure trove of sound right there…

Also, check the posts made by @ess about using ratio offsets. Both topics can be found here:

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A centralized tips and tricks thread seems like a good idea, so I went ahead and started one over here:

We’ll see if it gains any traction.

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I could have just edited this thread come to think of it :thinking: