No View, No Batteries, lotsa growls.. video

Hiya forum friends, todays fun was that of mapping midi-notes to patterns on my machinedrum UW.

So for start i needed 16 patterns on my machinedrum, which i made earlier. and used the mapping options in te configuration to map it all… I decided that E4 should be A01 F4 should be A02 etc etc… going upwards i mapped all patterns to a midi-note.

Secondly, i sequenced the beats on the octatrack, using its clock-divider to give me a bit more space to write combinations of beats.
Using a few patterns on the octatrack, I had enough variations of all samples used, and most patterns on the machinedrum used.

Tracks used on octatrack
Track 1 is a thru-track, so you can hear the machinedrum.
Track2 is mostly the choir samples
track3 is growling bass sample (the growling is filter + lfo’s)
track4 s synthie sounds
track5 is realtime recording of 4 bars, i sometimes grab… this is mainout.
track6 is realtime recording of steps, coming from trackrecorder 2 and 3… so i could do realtime trickery on the main-outs which are continiously sampled by forementioned recorders
track7 is realtime recording trick: I sample the machinedrum as it comes in (not recording track1) and play it directly while its sampled.
i placed many triggers that have the correct samplestart point. and some triggers that have a sample-startpoint where i am sure its already recorded (else the sample would stop playing)
track is a neighboortrack with chorus and delay, further treating machinedrum…

I use many scenes to change whatever and mute / unmute stuff…

The last interesting point… On the octatrack, i use tracks with difrent lengths… but i did configure that when chained they play a difrent length… mostly 3 bars or 1 bar… so i can make 4 bar combinations… hence giving me all kinds of variations of my own patterns…

very nifty.
I recorded it all with my zoomQ3HD … and its filming through 2 magnefying lenses, giving that weird twisted foggy look…