Nobody interested in the tabla soundpack?

Hi, just surprised that apparently nobody is interested by this pack

havent seen anyone talking about it on the forum

Im quite tempted but unsure as to how adaptive the ar could be for playing with the subtleties of the samples

For example on my old mpc you could program different samples for different velocities, 4 samples per pad,
wheras on the AR ???

Love the sound of tablas, and the demos sound interesting, but not sure how much fun youd have playing the pads

So any feedback? anyone bought the pack?


I just bought it, but haven’t loaded into my rytm yet. I will report back shortly. Love the tabla.

I think it’s a very good soundpack.

I bought the pack a week ago and am very happy with it. The lack of having 4 samples per pad may limit the expressiveness in one aspect, but i’ve had much success setting the lfo of a pad to sample slot and giving it a few sample to cycle through. Along with setting tuning and filter changes to aftertouch, this pack really opens up when you tinker around a bit. The preset patterns are inspiring as always, and investigating the kits are very helpful ways to get rollin’

I was very interested as soon as it was released, I’d ordered it within 10 minutes of seeing the first clips I think… Good times. :slight_smile:

How did you conclude that no one was interested?

You can NEVER have two many percussion instruments IMO.

Anyway, I’m quite happy with it… up there with SID Redux as one of my favourites now… the file naming convention is taking a little bit of getting used to though… but a lot of the patterns and performance macros included where very stimulating…

Ok great! cheers for the feedback!

Lfos on the sample cycles sounds interesting, also i can imagine the mass of things that could be done with the scenes

Think ill take the plunge

I just presumed noone was interested in this pack, since i havent seen any subjects about it since elektron released it!

this sounds great, some nice demos of the pack up on the elektron sound cloud as well.

great work and looking forward to more packs like this, maybe a harmonium or sitar next? :+1:

Just downloaded, its basically really, really good…

I’m only not all that interested because I own a Wavedrum.


Lucky you!! fancied one of them for ages!

I typically make my own sounds, so not all that into paying $$$ for sounds that have been put together for me.

So much more fun making my own sounds for free.

I have also always wanted a wavedrum. So cool. You should make a rytm sample pack of that! :slight_smile:

I finally loaded this pack up and I feel it’s really wonderful sounding. Lots of samples with good variation within. Definately worth the 15$.

I also make many of my own samples, but I don’t own a tabla! now I have some great material to work with. Cheers!

Lucky you!! fancied one of them for ages!

Very versatile piece of kit. I have the Oriental version.

Can be used in the studio with subtle finger drumming or as part of a live set with a big rig, played fairly hard like a djembe (on a stand).

When I was regularly DJing, I’d use it to add a bit more “performance” to my sets.

Tabla type sounds work well due to the pressure sensitivity, so you can hold down one hand and increase the pressure for that rising pitch “whoop” effect.

Here is a track just messing around with the modular and Rytm and the Tabla pack.

I just bought it, I find it really good !

I have tried to download tabla sounds and make myself a free tabla pack, but it was very incomplete compared to the official pack with its 123 samples !
Also, studying Elektron’s kits and pattern teaches me a lot.

I also own a Wavedrum (Classic version, not the Oriental), but the range of tabla sounds is quite limited compared to this pack.

Highly recommended if you’re into tabla sounds !

It will be interesting to make a few sample chains for the Octatrack with it and mix it with some good tabla loops I found.

anybody want to make us a Wavedrum sample pack for Rytm then? :slight_smile: