Noise Engineering Plugins

Does anyone here have any of the NE Plugins and has compared them maybe to the Modules?
I am interested in the Loquelic, but there are just those little Demo Videos on Youtube.

Also would be interessting how the Basilimus Plugin compares to the Modul. Given the Videos I have the feeling it lacks something but how could one tell…

If the software is the same they aound the same.

I’ve got them in Reason, you can modulate them with software CV(at least within Reason) so it’s bit like modular in that respect. One thing I noticed is that pitch is not available to modulate, at least for the Basimilus Iteritas as that is the module I have in eurorack, so that’s a minor minus for me. Other than that it does sound like the eurorack version.

I haven’t tried the VST versions so can’t comment on that.

The Ruina plugin sounds just as good as the hardware - one of the best ‘youd never know its digital’ distortion plugins on the market imo.


They are amazing. I have them and love them all.
The unique synthesis engines makes the plugins stand out from the rest (oh, and not to mention the modulation section, which is innovative and easy to use.)

Sorry for the plug, but my last album, “If This Is The Last Time,” has NE plugins all over it. I think 98% of the tracks were made with nothing but them and Octatrack for sequencing.

Listen to the title track. Basimilus for drums, Vert Vereor (the free one) is the gated synth, and Desmodus for the crazy, modulated reverb.

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The freequel bundle sounds great, but since there are no demos for any of the other paid plugins, Im wondering how the software versions sound compared to the eurorack modules? Im especially interested in how the Basimilus sounds, besides the obvious lack of eurorack integration. Has anyone picked any of these plugins up and compared them to their hardware equivalents?

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The version I have of basimilus, you can enter pitch cv.

I really like their plugins, a breath of fresh air sound wise.


I got the Bundle 2 now. Sounds pretty nice and I like it a lot. Can´t compare to the modules, but I think there isn´t much difference. I always had the impression the modules had a little more meat and grit, but I really don´t know.

The Interface of the noise engineering Plugins is a little bit strange but usable.

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Two new NE plug-ins:


I really hope that they port these as Reason Rack Extensions as well.