Noise when Recording Monomachine

When using my Behringer Condenser Microphone connected to Roland DUO-CAPTURE EX to record audio (via FL Studio, Asio4all v2) there is no issues it works well no white noise, no noise it records fine. I mainly write this part because I suspect the issue isn’t with the Roland interface itself but with the cable or something between here and there if you know what I mean.

The issue arises when with all the same setup I plugin and turn on my synth (monomachine) and join it up to the FL studio asio4all. I’m blasted with white noise that stays and ruins all potential recordings. the volume also turns up and down via gain. I suspect it’s the cable I’m using which is a 3 pin XLR (plugged to interface) to aux (plugged to synth). I think this one from ebay, DP Stage Premium Series 3m TRS Jack to Male XLR Cable Neutrik 10 Year Warranty | eBay

I wondering does anyone know if the cable is the reason for the noise and if so great, but which cable would I need to not have this annoying noise?

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

So if I understand correctly: you have no problem with your interface recording with a mic. But when you try to record the Monomachine (with an XLR to TRS cable) you get some nasty noise.

First, do you have another cable you can swap out? If you still have the noise, than its likely the MnM.
Or, do you have another line level source you can try recording with the same cable to see if that is the cause? Anything, another synth… or even an iPod with an adapter?

Honestly, from what you say I suspect it might not be a cable issue. A short 3 meter balanced cable with good connectors (which neutrik usually are) is likely not to be generating “blasting noise”! In my experience, bad cables create a hum or a fuzz, and wonky connections crackle or change volume.

I say this because once in a blue moon my Monomachine will blast out (and I mean blast, like max vol 0db.) some gnarly digital white noise drone stuff totally unrelated to anything I have programmed at the time. Its hanging note, or glitch or ghost in the machine artefact I think. A double tap on the stop button usually sorts it out. A couple times I’ve had to turn off and back on again.