Noncompliant / Adam Jay on Flash Recordings

New work from my friend Noncompliant on Flash Recordings, Berlin.

She used the MDUW+ that we (her friends) crowdfunded for her, all over the release.
And BS2, Audiothingies P6.

I used my Analog Rytm on the remix.







“Sameen - Adam Jay Remix” (100% Analog Rytm)


Good stuff!

nice one adam, great work from you and @thegiantarm! especially dug alexandra.

appreciate the instrument notes, and always curious to hear anything about process you’re willing to share.


I know that Noncompliant uses lots of gear to produce:
MDUW+, Novation BS2, Audiothingies P6, Zaquencer, Mother 32, Volca FM, Novation Circuit, Roland TB-3, Meeblip Triode, Bastle Microgranny.
FX: Zoom MS-60b (for beefing up MD kicks, t’was a gift from me), Zoom MS-70cdr, TC M300 (which also acts as 2 channel A/D spdif converter).

^All that goes through a neutrik patchbay and recorded into Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, into Ableton Live on a 2006 Mac Pro 2.66ghz Quad, and then audio is arranged in Live’s arranger.

For my remix, I imported .wavs into Rytm w/ SDS Drop, arranged it all on Rytm, then recorded the Rytm multi-track into my Allen & Heath Qu-Pac in realtime, and touched up the 10 channel mix in Ableton Live afterward.

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Nice work. Alexandra track has a nice vibe to it. Really like that open floor reverb feel on your remix Adam. Spacious!