Noob question about patches

I just got an A4 MK1 from ebay and i notice that some patches like almost all of them are out of tune. I saw that the Oscillators are detuned. Ok so it is intentionally ,but i can’t make them fit in any songs. It is my first synth so i’m learning. I know this is a stupid question but i really want to learn how to make these patches in tune with my songs. Thank you!

Clear a Track sound, Track+Clear, then compare that sound pitch-wise to test if the calibration routine needs to be run - presuming not, then you’ll just have to go in and change the Osc1/Osc2 values (or the sources modulating them) until it seems right to you

Also ensure that transpose isn’t on in the patterns etc etc or that performance macros are above zero as these may target pitch

There are no quick fixes, you just need to look to see if Osc1/2 are set to 0 -12 +12 and so on (if they’re -2 or +8 then you know where to start)

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i did

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Check if the “oscillator drift” option is ticked.

that really won’t make much of an audible difference, but it’s good to know all the places where pitch can be modulated for sure

Thank you for the fast response! I did check the A4 to see if its out of tune. That was not the case. So i tuned the Osc back to 0 and this did solve the problem but it also alter the sound…its not the 100% same anymore and i’m not saying about the pitch in most cases the sound is just different. Now im questioning myself why is the patch in the first place with the Osc detuned if u cant use them in combo with another one that also have the Osc detuned.