Noob question: using US gear in EU/Aus

Hi guys dumb questions here but having trouble finding a straight answer.

If you’re in the EU or Australia (240v mains) and want to use studio gear from the US (120v) that comes with a 9v power adapter, can you instead use a 9v adapter suited for 240v mains and the gear will work fine?

There’s not something in the gear itself that is only suited to one voltage or the other, no?

I have a Roland Chorus Echo from Japan which requires a step-down converter as the power unit is onboard. But if I were to get a guitar pedal for example that uses a 9v adapter I could just swap out the US adapter for an EU/Aus one capable of taking 240v?

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

If it has a 9V input then it’ll be fine to use any power supply as long as you match the plug size, current and polarity.

If it needs 120V in, for example from a “kettle cord” or IEC C8 or similar, then you’re out of luck unless it has a 120/230V switch on the back.


You can get switching adapters that automatically switch to the correct voltage regardless of where you are.
Or step down/step up converters.

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lots of wallwarts are 110-250V input - also most usb chargers etc.

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Thanks a lot everyone! Elektronauts again proving itself to be the most active and helpful gear forum there is :slight_smile:

mentioning that not every wallwart is AC>DC: some gear wants an AC>AC brick - I have Alesis, Lexicon & FMR equip that is so. Worth checking! Pardons if you already thought of this


^ oh yeah good point, forgot about that!