NOOB questions regarding Octatrack. BEWARE

Ok, so i’ve been working at the octatrack for awhile now, and i’ve managed to be able to load samples into my tracks, record triggers/patterns for each track and make it into some sort of a “song”. This was actually really easy because i have an analog 4.

I don’t really like the pre-loaded samples elektron put on the card (16 gb).

My main goal for the octatrack is…

  1. to use it to play drums
  2. to sequence other gear. Currently have a juno 60 and want to get a moog minitaur and an analog 4.
  3. be able to play some audio clips over my music, and tweak them.

Juno 60 only receives CV? can you sequence it?

well. to answer the question, why not use the a4 to sequence the juno

thanks. i haven’t tried sequencing with the A4 yet.

I guess i always assumed having one machine sequencing everything is what would be best.?

The Juno 60 doesn’t take CV input for notes (the only CV input is for VCF control). The Juno uses DCB (for which you can get some DCB-to-Midi converters by Kenton or CDH). Not sure if there a DCB to CV box out there.

If you do get an A4, you’ll probably want to use it to sequence itself. The parameter locks are local to the box and the sequencer is quite powerful.

1)Sample chains are your friend for this.

2)A4 sequence itself and possibly the Minitaur while synced to the OT MIDI clock, and OT can sequence the Juno once you’ve got it responding to MIDI. You can sequence the Minitaur with OT MIDI if you want, though, if getting MIDI into the Juno leaves you with a Thru port (the Minitaur doesn’t have one iirc, just MIDI In).

3)Using sample chains frees up more audio tracks in the OT for this.

I’m going to have to break the habit of wanting to sequence everything from my OT since I just ordered an A4. I am finding the 2 OT inputs very limiting as I connect it to more external gear and sequence said gear with midi. Why not give me 4 and let me burn using tracks with thru machines if I so desire? :slight_smile:

If only Elektron could somehow finagle the Cue Outs to be Ins. Oh well hehe. 8 stereo inputs would have been amazing, though.

MSQ700 :slight_smile:

and it has DIN SYNC to MIDI possibly of use with the A4

mono inputs become stereo samples. depending on what you’re doing you might be able to get away with 4 separate mono inputs.

mono inputs become stereo samples. depending on what you’re doing you might be able to get away with 4 separate mono inputs.

yeah, I didn’t think about that, perhaps I can take mono out of a couple machines…I will likely want AB coming in from the A4, leaving me only C and D, I can put drum machine on one, and have one free…though I start to lose tracks to thru machines as well…4 more inputs and more tracks would be nice :slight_smile: