Nord Drum 2 - Power up

Just bought a Nord Drum 2 but can’t get it to turn on. Should it power up simply by plugging it in?


Sorted. Horrid little plug adapter needed to be pushed in until it clicked.

Yeah, not very keen on the lack of an on/off switch either. I’m leaving the plug in the unit and plugging/unplugging from the wall socket. A little more trouble, but I think less wear and tear on the main unit.

What do you think of the ND2? I’ve just had it a week and am loving it. Complements the Machinedrum beautifully.

Sound wise the ND2 is a dream come true for me. Beautifully robotic & futuristic to my ears, a proper little techno/experimental drum box. Absolutely enchanted with it and at this point (combined with my Octatracks) the only drum box i think I’ll need.

I must admit I’ve been tempted by the ND2. They did a great job with the demo’s on their site but I haven’t seen much on Youtube or Soundcloud and the likes. Any plans to share some examples of what you’re doing with it?

The ND2 along with the Pad looks like a lot of fun. Think it would fit in well with the A4 and OT.

I assumed it is better to plug in the wall socket before connecting the unit to the power supply. Then for switching off, unplug the unit before removing the power supply from the mains socket. It doesn’t say anything in the manual, so I guess it probably doesn’t matter.