Nord Drum 2 Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS

Took me ages to make this one, couldn’t stop tweaking! Making this pack has been a joy, and I am proud to share with you my exploration of this little red powerhouse.

This sample pack features 360 one-shot samples covering the full range of sounds on offer - 32 basses, 32 kicks, 32 snares, 32 hats, 32 percs, 16 weird FX sounds, 72 grouped percussion sounds and 112 raw waves. All individual samples are encoded in mono at 48khz sample rate, and are presented in both 16-bit and 24-bit to maximise compatibility with whatever sampler hardware or software you may be using. There are also a whopping 23 sample chains provided with the download, including .ot files. Finally, there is an Ableton Live Drum Selector rack (Suite only) which is great fun for quickly coming up with patterns inside Live.

I hope you enjoy this pack as much as I enjoyed making it. Please let me know if there are any technical issues - it’s the first time I’ve done separate 16-bit and 24-bit versions of the one-shot samples, as I get a few emails a month from MPC users who can’t get the 24-bit samples to work.

Please PM me if you would like to purchase separately from Bandcamp and we can get something sorted.


Been waiting for this (as you know)! Sounds frigging awesome! Insta-buy!


Thank you so much!! I really didn’t want to love this thing as much as I do… I don’t think I can ever sell it, even though my wallet is crying due to Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this come with the ND2 SysEx patches?

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I got an email about this pack from Bandcamp. The demo sounds great, I’ll be picking this one up too. The interface of the Nord drum machines never appealed to me much, but it sounds so good

@Claid, thanks for preparing the samples for the Octatrack, it’s quite luxurious to not have to prep anything myself. Nice work, as usual

I’m afraid not, I’m a bit of a SysEx dunce to be honest. I’d love to share some of my kits with you but I don’t know how!

Glad you like the pack! The interface was a bit strange at first but I’ve actually fallen in love with it. Took me a couple of days but it was quick to learn and it’s amazing how easy it is to navigate, even one-handed. I have a friend who only has the use of one hand and I’ve been raving to him about it!

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I’d recommend the ND3P for tweaking then, it’s even more immediate, with a button for every parameter, instead of one button for 2.

(and easy to obtain)

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Any 44.1khz samples? :frowning:

Edit. Just read the full description on the link. Yes there is :slight_smile:

Good, I’ll probably get this. Always wanted a Nord drum, cant afford one :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus the ND3P comes with a reverb! I have considered getting one, apparently the ND2 has more MIDI CC implementation which is cool as I control it with an Oxi One rather than drum pads but I’m far from an expert CC twiddler like Barker or Blush Response.

What sampler/s do you use? I could always change up the formats but often you’ll find your sampler of choice will amend the file to one it works with. I highly recommend MediaHuman Audio Converter, it’s super easy (even for me), straightforward and lets you set up custom formats like wav 24-bit 44.1kHz and even Ogg Vorbis, which is handy for making custom ringtones.

Octatrack. 44.1khz 16/24bit. WAV.

As you provide the correct format, I dont need to faff around with files. Thats what I’m paying for :wink:

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As far as I can tell, all parameters from the nd3p are accessible by MIDI CC. I could br wrong though. :blush:

Purchased :slightly_smiling_face:

Perfect! Let me know if other formats take your fancy and I can add them.

Thanks Simon, it was our conversation at Strange Brew that led me to grab a ND2. :smiley:


Your packs look great. Can you tell me about how it has been recorded how it has been processed?

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Of course, simple stuff really - Nord Drum 2 going through a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre Thunderbolt to Ableton Live, then lightly processed (tiny bit of EQ and limiting) with FabFilter on highest quality settings.

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Finally grabbed this yesterday. I love how the kick drums have a pretty long decay, and then I can shape them to taste. This is such a good sounding drum machine


Thank you, yes I’ve come to realise that kicks with long decays are the way to go with the sample packs as then you can shape the envelope to taste in your sampler. Can make lovely basses out of kick samples with a long decay.

Anyway yeah, the timbral qualities of the kicks in the ND2 really impressed me. It’s meant to be a device that models real drums but man it spits out some electronic heat as well! Plus those tone chains accurately represent the six voice tone kits that you get on the device. Some of those are really enchanting like the ones that sound like a hang drum in hexatonic (six note) scales that sound all Chinese-y. Absolutely banging little device. :slight_smile:


Anyone else having issues with the Selector Kit returning a “Media missing” message? Using the same method to open and save as all of @Claid’s other awesome packs, but this one is not working for me.


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Oops, my bad! Should be fixed now. :smiley:

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Sounds lovely!

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