Not Able to Record Effects on Live 10

Hello y’all!

I’ve been using my Analog Rytm MK II on Ableton Live 10 and everything runs smoothly through Overbridge 2.0

But recently I discovered that when sending each Channel (1-8) from AR to Live, it doesn’t send the effects from the AR patter, so the sounds are recorded flat without any delays, reverbs and so on.

When I record in Stereo Left and Right outputs only, it does send effects but to 1 single track as opposed to sending effects to separate tracks the 8 different tracks.
Is there a fix to this I am not aware of?

In other words I can record my patter with effects by only sending all the channels to one track on the L/R outputs. But I can’t record the pattern with those same effects when sending as separate tracks/channels. (Ch1-BD, Ch2-SD, Ch3-RS/CP, Ch4-BT, Ch5-LT, Ch6-MT/HT, Ch7-CH/OH, Ch8-CY/CB)

Your help will be greatly appreciated


The effects are sends only, so they wont record on individual tracks
you can record the effects separately if you route only the FX to the main
in the audio routing menu… and record the channel the plugin is on…

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Thank you for your reply.

It isn’t quite clear for me yet. Seems like I have to route the effects from inside the AR.

Would be nice if you or anyone could post the process step by step or screen record it. IDK.

I’ll give it a try the way I understand it.


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I think I got it. Recorded each one of the tracks through the main and it sends the FX to my DAW.

I just had to record one by one, instead of all at the same time.