NOT ALL CCs can Be send by DT

Hi, I’m controlling OB6 with DT midi track 9, sending CC (the Gear is well set up in midi menu).
The problem is that I can’t find some CCs like CC43 for example (that controls attack of the Amp env on OB6)
And it seems not to be on position 43 in the CC’s value…
The number of value should Be the number of the CC? Even if on the label you find other names like CTRL4?

CC messages have a default name/thing where they are used for in the MIDI standard, but can be used for anything. Set the value on the AMP page of an encoder to 43 and that is CC43. The name that appears in the little box doesn’t matter in this case.
Some midi CC names show the CC number because in the MIDI standard those are “undifined”.


NOT ALL CCs can Be send by DT

You can’t send CC 120 to 127.

Hi, I’m controlling an OB 6 by a DK that sends MIDI notes and Cc to it. The DK in turn receive midi from Ableton.
I have a sequence on channel 9 in DK and also a sequence in ableton, they are both received by OB 6.
My problem Is that in this set the CC sent by ableton don’t pass thru DK as long as the OB 6 Is connected to DK midi out (only notes pass but not any CC)
Instead if OB 6 Is connected to DK midi thru all the CC from ableton are received clearly, but it don’t receive any more the sequence written on DK ch 9.
So, substantially, why DK midi out don’t re-send the CC received by Ableton but can re-send the midi notes received by Ableton?

You can resend CCs via midi out using CC 70-77, corresponding to DT midi tracks FILTER page CC 1-8 values.

Send these CC 70-77 from Ableton, set appropriate CCs on DT in order to control your synth.

Ableton channel have to be Auto Channel or the same as midi track (MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS).

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does this work also in the situation if you wanted to use a synth control knobs to send cc messages through digitakt to a drum machine and effect value change in real time while still passing sequencer data to the drum machine from DT?

Yes I knew that, but the question Is another: why if I use the thru port from DK to OB 6 I receive on OB 6 both midi notes and CCs sent by ableton, while if I use midi out from DK to OB 6 only Midi Notes and NOT CCs sent by ableton are recognized by OB 6?

what are your param output setting in the midi config menu set to currently?

Because Midi Thru pass everything through, by definition, and Midi Out pass Notes only. You can use CC 70-77, and also resend Clock/Transport with Midi Out.

Output to: midi

  1. List item

Out ch: auto
Param out: cc
Enc, trig, mute Dest: int
Receive notes: yes
Receive cc/nrpn: yes

Works with anything sending these CCs.

@Breadfork if you did not already buy a midi merger, try what @sezare56 suggested above:

use the cc values sent by your minilogue to set up the midi tracks filter page as suggested and see if that works.

sounds ok.

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@shigginpit oohhh i will give this a try. Thanks!

no problem, good luck.