Novation Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks

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there’s no reason to release a sampler without a screen. slicing would be doable but needlessly annoying. as someone else mentioned, browsing samples would be a nightmare. i found even the es-1’s numerical display for samples to be very useful. not a fan of requiring a phone or computer as a display like the op-z does either. i wonder how the rhythm would compare to something like the es-1

i also wonder how circuit tracks is any more interesting than the circuit mono station, which i love but seems to be severely underrated. even after the attention brought to the bs2 with the newer aphex station

The pads is the screen


No envelopes on the Rythm?
Both looking very nice for a jam session. USB-C!

I have a feeling that slope could be some kind of macro control for an envelope (from short&percussive to longer to long attack and release or something like that). We’ll see, there’s probaply quite a lot going on under the hood.

The links are dead, looks like it wasn’t supposed to be releases, yet.


My bet sample and sound editor via Novation component website…


i guess macros are still assignable to knobs, they just printed default values


Model:Samples doesn’t sample: that’s its biggest drawback IMO. Resampling would open many possibilities, and that’s where the new Circuit may be a better choice.


Both links are now down, at least for me. Get a 404 error.

Yep but still got the picture :joy:

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they denied access pretty quickly, but we’ve got the pics and the price


The circuit rhythm look very cool. Stereo sampling is something many people request in Digitakt features. It may be a nice alternative to DT without going into expensive and deep OT for stereo sample or touch screen workflow of blackbox.

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Rhythm looks very interesting :heart_eyes: but i want to figure out how will be the sample management without screen.


Easy. You get pads and colors…

USB-C means…Battery Pack power possible…outdoor jams!

Like old school SP303 / 404. Sample to a pad I guess.


Screens are so 2020.


The Circuit Rhythm it looks interesting for the price (415 euro) but the Circuit Tracks it has again only 2 synth tracks, and in 2021 can’t be competitive I guess…

Yeah, I can see that as being an appealing feature especially if it’s stereo. Then again, I’ve had my Digitakt for more than 3 years and still haven’t gotten around to doing any sampling…

I was thinking about that further after I posted before and I think you could be right and it could even have a shift function to control the amp or the filter envelope.

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Novation folks - say something!

These are interesting.
Never had or used a Circuit, although I have nothing but respect for their dev team, who have made substantial updates and improvements over the years… Was expecting a Circuit Pro, but it kinda makes sense (market-wise) that they split it into two cheaper, separate products.
The lack of screen is indeed disappointing… specially for a sampler, as it has been mentioned. But who knows… maybe there’s some OPZ-like implementation with phones and tablets - not ideal, but could be useful as to work on the sampling process, and then later for live performance that might not be as important.