& now for something different

The Hauptmann Square.

really enjoyed this!

Thanks for checking it out. Glad you like it.

I had lot’s of fun making it and think it’s different enough to my regular tunes to make it a little side project.

This is great.

Dunno what you do with your music but if I was a film-maker I’d definitely want to use this kind of thing…very restrained, very atmospheric.


thanks a lot for checking it out. I’m planning to do a few more of those tunes and see where this is going.

The setup is super simple, just field recordings in Ableton and a SE Boomstar 5089 for the synth parts. Nothing else. So no Elektron gear, sorry. But the OT is obvioulsy very suitably for this kinda stuff.


I always enjoy an odd time signature.

It’s 4/4 :slight_smile:

But the wonk within the samples make it feel a little shifted.