Null Ω (Tech-House-Minimal-Dub)

Hey guys,

this is my first release on Spotify (and all other platforms). I would be happy to get some listeners and also appreciate any feedback.


Great stuff. Sounds light and floaty. Really nice production! Any info on your production process/setup?

It’s great music for open air dancing to me, I had a great time at IPSE in Berlin once with a DJ playing this kind of stuff, like dubby/Romanian minimal vibe. Fit the sunny vibe perfectly, your track is making me nostalgic for those kinds of moments again! It’s not a scene I follow closely (more into the hypnotic techno side of things), but it’s really nice music

Thanks! This is one reason why I want to release something: you liked it + nice memories came up. What to I want more? Happy to hear :slight_smile:

I jammed around with my AR and DTn and recorded single loops into Bitwig where I did the arrangement + mixing/modulation stuff. A few sounds have been added in Bitwig later with plugins.
So most sounds are made with Elektron machines.
Mastering was done by
First time for me to pay for external mastering… I was just curious to try this out and I’m very happy with it.

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Great stuff. Nice work! Look forward to hearing more :smiley:

I’d be really curious to hear a track like this before and after professional mastering. No worries if you don’t want to share though, I would completely understand!

Just sent you a PM

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Very nice track! I really dig the vibe and overall feel… great production work! Reminds me (in a very good way) of tracks I used to play a lot released on Plastic City and InterGroove in general. I’m just getting into Bitwig myself and it’s pretty incredible what you can do. I mean, all DAW’s these days are perfectly capable, but Bitwig has a lot to offer.

Mastering, particularly house, techno and electro is a passion of mine. Not familiar with Scape Mastering, but it sounds fantastic and from the looks of it you were in very capable hands (and ears)!

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very nice!

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