OB: A4 and AR simultaneous audio input

Hi all

I’m trying to work with the following setup:

A4’s individual channels run into DAW
AR’s total output runs into DAW
both inputs run back into A4, working as the sound card

Ableton is used as live midi recording/sequencing host.

Ableton only allows me to select one audio in device. How can I still achieve A4 and AR sending audio simultaneously?

I don’t want to run AR’s audio into A4 because there’s already my SH01

Does any know how to solve this in a latency-friendly way?


add words like

USB and Overbridge, otherwise I cannot understand you signal path … also add ext in , mono , stereo, and maybe even audio interace

Use audio input from the the A4 and AR VST plug-ins, instead of the core audio input device.